Saturday, January 2, 2010

What's my plan?

I know that many people would like to know what is my plan of action. How do I plan to lose this weight, how much weight do I want to lose and HOW do I plan to do it?

Well to answer the first question I have have no time frame to lose the weight per say. I do know that an average of 1-2lbs a week is a good amount of weight to lose but I am not set on that number as I know it could less or more depending on my experiences.

I plan to start with my eating habits. My first goal is to eat foods as close to their natural state as possible. Whole foods, grains, fruits, meats, and vegetables.  Most importantly is that I understand that this is a PROCESS and JOURNEY. I know that I will fail, back track, and not do as well as I thought I would.

I will stun some folks with my food ideas but I am going to do what I think is best. I know for me my food journey has been a long one and I have experienced many food fads but at this point I am taking many different approaches and combining them as I see fit.

Exercise is the other key. With my busy schedule I am working on consistency. I would like to work at Monday-Friday every day for at least 30-45 minutes. I plan on doing that with my new Wii Fit Plus, Walk Away the Pounds and Yoga for right now. I am currently contemplating "The Biggest Loser" for the Wii or the EA Sports.  Both have received excellent reviews. I know that I need variety to keep myself motivated and engaged. In addition to variety I need something to do when there are extreme weather issues. Such as raining or 115 degrees.

Finally the total about of weight I would like to lose.. Well I would be happy at round about 140 lbs again. At this point that means I would need to lose about 73 lbs but because that amount looks HUGE I am working on losing enough weight to take me in to the next weight bracket. In this case that is to be single digits in the 200's so 209 lbs and under,  or 10lbs.

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