Friday, January 8, 2010

Exercise can NOT be a job for me.

I hate traditional jobs. I mean I dont have a full time job outside of my home but I do work.  I think jobs are over rated and I would much rather be doing something else with my time. Now many folks will disagree with me, while others will look at my like I am INSANE, and yet still more will just shake their heads and pray for my lose soul.

But let me explain before you go throwing holy water on me or trying to commit me to the crazy house for an extended stay.

I enjoy things that are  enlightening and challenging. I like things that push me and things that motivate me. I enjoy things that make me a better version of myself. A job, IMO, is not one of those things.

Education is my biggest accomplishment in life, after my kids and marriage. Exercise is going to have to be placed in that arena.

I am really really really having a hard time finding the JOY of working out and exercise. I could and I want to be doing some much more enjoyable activities.. BUT I am NOT because I am exercising.

In fact for the past week I have worked out M-W for 1 hour a day, Thur for 35 minutes and today (Friday) for 50 minutes. I am TIRED and I feel let down that I do not see some RESULTS.

Ok OK now I know some of you are on the floor laughing at me but give me a second to explain. I am the kind of person who enjoys gratification for my hard work and accomplishments. My kids are healthy and alive, (that is an accomplishment), I am still married after 8+ years ( real accomplishment), I have good grades at the end of the semester (HUGE accomplishment), but working out is well its different.

I am not feeling the gratification.. yet. So I am venting yet staying motivated through this patch of tuff times. Because this is my long term goal not my regular instant gratification moment. WISH ME LUCK.

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  1. You know that I am definitely in the same boat and I haven't even had the same numbers as you when it comes to working out,I was able to get in mon-weds some time but the last 2 days I just have not felt up to it. I as you also feel as though working out is a job. I wish that I had someone that was right here that could help to motivate me cause I am not doing a good job with motivating myself.