Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The balance of life, school, children, home, family obligations, and my marriage are all things that at this moment I feel challenged with.

I have had some life changing moments recently and I have found myself, despite my best efforts, really really really stressed out over what to do and where to go. I know that stress is BAD for your health, it can contribute to high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels, heart attacks and disease among other wonderful health issues I would rather not have the pleasure of meeting.

But despite it all I am HUMAN and it is within my nature to try and work out the "challenges" I am confronted with. I know that a bigger part of me is worried that what I want to do is not doable, while what I could do seems like such a hardship on others.

I am a praying person, I am a spiritual person, I am a person of faith.

I do believe that if My God brought me to it he will support me through it. This is easy to say but hard to practice. I am working on my practice skills.

I know that a year from now when the challenges have passed and all of my issues have been worked out I will look back on this and thank God for doing what I know he would do.


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