Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Natural Resolution and how I came about the name.

Thanks to my bff, my high school runnen mate, and friend for life. We have been friends sense my freshmen year of high school. Needless to say we have been there for the ever so clever climb up in the scales of weight gain as well as the well placed attempts to loss that ever so relentless gain.

As I have gained weight and gotten older and then been challenged with the health issues that come with said weight gain I have taken the steps to understand food and how I interact with it.

What I have learned from the experiences of learning food is that MOST of the food I ate often was NOT good for me, at all.  For me it was a process to look back at life. When was I my healthiest and for those in my family the same question was applied. What I learned was astoundingly simple. REAL food is healthy.

Natural foods as close to how they are grown or live is best. I was my healthiest when I cooked almost every day or at foods that someone cooked. I was healthiest when I was not consuming foods and products that I could not even begin to imagine where they came from.

I began to ask myself, if a food will last on a shelf for 3 years how is it affecting my body? If a piece of fruit is for gotten in the outside fridge and 2 months later I find it and it is NOT molded or decomposing what happens to it in my body. A preservative is to preserve, I don't think a preservative can tell the difference between my body or the food item it is first located in.

I kept thinking about it and researching it and in the end I convinced my GF and hopefully some of my other fiends, and maybe even you.. QUESTION what you eat.

And that began my journey on the road to a natural resolution to a healthier life. Each day I take it one day at a time. I make 1 better choice everyday and I stick with it until it becomes habit. I began and still work on reading labels. I work hard at making better food choices and places to buy the food we consume. Its not easy but it is the beginning of a life time journey to a healthier and more natural me.

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