Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dedication to Exercise.

I have mentioned that working out can not be a job for me nor can I get bored. Well it was just my luck that my Wii Fit Plus hit a wacky stage yesterday. At first it told me to step off when I was not standing on the board and then when I was standing on the board it told me it could not detect me, and yet another time it told me my weight was significantly different then before. Despite all of the "issues" I kept trying to work it out but to no end.

So off I went on an adventure. First I went to take the item back for an exchange only to find that the item was not in-stock and if I wanted to have one sent it would cost me shipping and of course the time it would take for shipping.

Needless to say I was not happy. I took the refund and decided to find my replacement else where. Long story short I went to Wally World and Game Stop with no luck. I contacted Tarjet and was happy to find they had a Wii Fit Plus on sale but only one left.

Off I go speeding down the freeway, making a huge circle, during traffic hour to get my Wii. NOW that is dedication for me. lol

I made it to Tarjet and was happy to find the Wii waiting for me, the staff was so funny because they were rooting for me! It was $10.00 more then my original Wii price because I had purchased it at a discount warehouse place, but I was still very please because this one included a bonus game! YEAH

Over all the silver lining to my cloud was there. Oh and let me not forget that I was able to snag my EA Sport Active and the Upgrade. (More on that in my next post)

I just wanted to note to myself and others that I am happy to see that I am really dedicated to my exercise and goals. I don't know if I mentioned it before but my goal has been to work out M-F and let Sat-Sun be my rest days. Without my Wii working I was unable to complete my goal so out I went to make sure I could do what I set out to do.

I am happy to note that I did work out last night on my new game!

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  1. Well, my dedication level has been low lately. I need a text or some kind of reminder cause it just has not been happening as often as I want it to. I think I just need a new game cause I am bored with the one that I got.