Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Exercise! How do you do the magic that you do?

My goal for exercise is just to do it! OK, ok. I admit it. I am not good with exercise for several reasons.

1. I lose interest
2. It is HARD
3. When I don't get quick results I am let down and frustrated.
4. I make a lot of excuses
5. Did I mention I lose interest.

I have several different forms of work out tapes

1. Walk Away the pounds. = I actually really like these tapes, but see above #1 and 5
2. Yoga for weight loss= Again see #1 and 5
3. Palates for weight loss= See #2 and 5
4. Wii fit= This is NEW and exciting and has several different games and options of work out programs. So far so good but see #1 and 5 lol
5. Jillian Michaels for the Wii... Um see #2 and of course 5!

So what is my issues!? I need some will I guess. I need to want to change more then I want to just let things wait until later.

Today I worked out for 1 hour. It was a challenge but I did it and I felt great. That is usually what happens. My goal going forward is to work out Monday-Friday at least! The weekends are FREE and a bonus if I work out on any of my games. I would like to do "outside" exercise during the weekend. Perhaps doing a walk in the park, bike ride, or walking the mall.

I am taking this ONE day at a time and when I don't do as well as I had hopped I am making an effort to learn that it is NOT a failure.. more along the lines as a flat tire or a pot hole in the road.

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