Tuesday, January 12, 2010

EA Sport Active and the Upgrade- 30 Day Challenge, 29 days and counting.

EA Sport Active and Upgrade was something that I have been going back and forth on purchasing for the past month or so.

My first reason is that I have MANY work out tapes and videos sitting around my home that I have used and just let slide to the sideline rarely to be used again.  I have quite a bit of research and found that the whole sale warehouse club type stores had the best deal on the programs. This game has also received very high ratings on multiple gaming sites, their website, and online in general.

When my Wii broke and had to be refunded I went ahead and made the purchase. I was beginning to feel a bit  board with my Wii fit plus alone so I figured why not.

Last night was my first work out, let me just say WOW! Oh my goodness! Was this a tuff workout. I was sweating and huffing and I only worked out for 30minutes. I agree with many of the other reviews that I read the resistance band is flimsy and I needed another one, thank goodness I had one on had. Other then that so far so good.

Today was day2 of my 30 day challenge and I can totally feel the after effects of my workout. Ouch did I use my muscles today and last night. Lunges, walk, running, high leg kicks, boxing, bicep curls and other such exercises.

It was a huge difference in the Wii fit workout in intensity and muscle usage. I am enjoying it and I look forward to the next 30 day's or I guess 29 days now!

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