Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Alternative ways to buy healthy foods.

Farmers markets are great places to buy healthy, local, farmed raised foods.

Whole food markets or food Co-ops are a great place to venture out to as well. Although they can be a bit pricey they can also have some really great deals on bulk items.

Trader Joe's is my new found best friend. They are CHEAP amazingly so and they have a wonderful selection of products but most importantly for me is that they have a wonderful selection of organic food products, they promote NO high fructose corn syrup, they make the best deals when buying products and pass it on to the consumer, they also seem to listen to the consumer. Oh and did I mention they were cheap!!!

I hope that this post gives you a kernel of pounder. (tehehe) Meaning I hope this post makes you think about alternative ways to purchase your foods.. which could lead to your pondering what foods you purchases next.

(disclaimer: I am not a person who works for any of these places I am just an ordinary person who works hard for their money and am offering some advice and my opinion)

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  1. We don't have a whole foods or a trader Joes here, but I really wish they would get one. The closest one is about an hour from here and I don't want to burn the gas. I will be going to the farmers market this weekend. We have a few good ones here so at least I can try. I'm trying to stick in there with the Wii Challenge. I only managed to get in about 20 minutes today because I am too congested, but I will be giving it a good try tomorrow. Keep it up girl!!